Little Flame

Little flame, flick'ring near the altar;
your amber glow shows me the way.
If ever you seem to fall or falter
you burst up again as if to say:
"His love cannot be quenched here either,
so stay awhile, my child, and pray."

Dear little flame, is that your only
charge? to simply offer Him
a little light, if He is lonely,
and never, ever to grow dim?
Oh, how I wish that I could offer
something half so pleasing up to Him!

"But dear little one, cannot you see
how your presence here pleases Him so?
He makes me dance so joyfully
when you visit Him here and never go!
Come back, my child, and you will find
a dancing flame within you grow."

O little flame, I will soon return
to watch you shine, silent and bright,
so that I, too, may fiercely burn
and show the world my own love-light!
"He is here," my little flame will say
though all the world around be night.

-Sr. Mary Gemma, T.O.R.

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