The Greatest Wedding Ever!

”The old traditional fairy story is the story of God and the world: the King’s son who comes dressed as a beggar to win a poor girl for His bride, putting off his crown and His royal robes and coming empty-handed, in order that she may receive Him without fear and may love Him for Himself alone”. – Caryll Houselander
Today the greatest wedding that has ever taken place and that ever will take place happened in the womb of Our Lady. Divinity emptied Himself into the bridal chamber of her womb and she welcomed this humble seed with a receptivity like no other in the name of humanity.

Humanity and divinity are ETERNALLY wedded and entwined today and will FOREVER be inseparable in the tiny embryo of Jesus Christ!

Do we really know what this means? HE HAS MARRIED US!

I can never stop marveling at this great mystery. It is why I became a sister- to witness that He is in love with us as a bridegroom with His bride!

Do we really know the depths to which our God lowered Himself? I don't think we will fully understand until heaven.

I LOVE how Caryll Houselander describes this:

Christ asked Mary of Nazareth for her human nature. For her littleness, her limitations, flesh and blood and bone, five senses, hands and feet, a human heart.

He who was invulnerable, asked to be able to feel cold and heat, hunger and thirst, weariness and pain. He who had all things and had made all things, asked to be able to be poor and to labour with His hands and look with wonder at the wild flowers. He who was wholly sufficient to Himself asked Mary to give Him a heart that might be broken.

Mary answered "yes". To make His body she gave her body, for His humanity, her humanity. Our Lady answered "yes" to Christ; she answered for us all; she was quite human. Had He asked her for anything other than her littleness she could not have given it, because she had nothing else. 

I cannot read this enough ... it never gets old to me. Her littleness and limitations provided a home for the King of the universe. This is also true of ME (and you)! My littleness and limitations can be wedded to the divine-such a beautiful mystery! He MUST be in love!

May we welcome Him into our littleness and limitations today, opening our hearts wide so that new life may be conceived within us... allowing heaven to enter earth and transform our reality!

Stay tuned for the rest of this romance which will unfold next week beginning on Holy Thursday...

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