The Son is Shining

I spoke to my mother and father-in-law this yesterday. (Not a typo, my in-laws. I was married before discerning religious life. Six years ago on August 26th my husband, Michael died). I called my in-laws yesterday morning to let them know I loved them and that I would be praying for them and Mike in a special way. Early on in the conversation we did what you are not supposed to do…we talked about the weather! They both mentioned to me that it was cloudy, overcast and it had rained there; I told them how there were blue skies, white fluffy clouds, and sun here! They were hoping that it would not rain later in the evening because rain would interfere with the “annual balloon launch”. This is a dinner and  a balloon launch in celebration of Mike’s life, a tradition I was familiar with as we began it as a family just six years ago.

After our phone conversation, I went out for a walk and to pray (in the sun ;) ). While I was out walking, I remembered a story I once read about grief. I think it can be interpreted in relation to hope, so that’s how I’m going to retell it.

If someone is without hope, they may look outside on a dark day, when the clouds are covering the sun and think, “The sun isn’t shining” or “The sun isn’t out today” and think “Ugh, what an ugly day”. But on the same day, in the same town, at the same time, another person might be flying in an airplane. And as the plane climbs up and through the layers of the dark clouds, all of a sudden when they reach an elevation of 28 or 38,000 feet that person can see the sun as it bursts through the clouds, almost blinding! If you have flown before, you know this feeling – the sun pours in through the window, and some people even gasp at the beauty. I remember when I was little (and, okay, I still do it now) I would take photos trying to capture that moment. So you have the people in the plane seeing the sun, admiring the beauty while the people below are walking around, saddened, still believing that the sun isn’t shining. But the truth is that they just can’t see it. Something has come between the people below and the sun, impairing their ability to see that the sun IS there. I believe this is what hopelessness is like. In times of despair, suffering something can impair our ability to see the sun. We eventually come to know the clouds will pass, and the sun will shine again down below, but how important it is to help each other through such times.

We are all called to help one another live lives of faith and hope and to help others know that the Son is always with us, even on those dark and cloudy days when we do not “feel” His presence. He is always there because He promised to never leave us. “And behold, I am with you always, until the end of the age.” (Matthew 28:20) Help others see the Son, to hope in the promises of His love and mercy and let others know that Son is always shining down upon them each and every day!

"The gift we can offer others is so simple a thing as hope." ~Daniel Berrigan

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  1. Beautiful insight Sister! "Hope" what we all seek to do in good times and in not so good times! Thank you so much for sharing your insights with us! ~~Linda


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