Filling These Shoes With Mercy

Happy feast of  St. Nicholas! We put out our shoes, well sandals, as tradition goes, in anticipation of St. Nick’s visit! St. Nicolas was a Bishop of Myra in 352.   There are many accounts and legends about St. Nicholas’ charity towards the poor. There is one story that he once put coins in young girls' shoes so they could afford to pay their dowry to marry and avoid the brothel. That’s mercy. Something we all are in need of both in giving and in receiving. In the Gospel today Jesus tells us, “Without cost you have received; without cost you are to give.” (Matthew 10:8)  Perhaps on this feast of St. Nicholas we can all strive to Make Known God’s Merciful Love while at the same time being receptive vessels to His mercy.


Who didst grace the Blessed Nicholas

as protector of imperiled innocence whilst he lived,
and after his death by countless miracles,
grant that by his merits
we may be freed from perversion of justice while alive
and from the fires of Gehenna after death. Amen.

Let your continual mercy, O Lord,

enkindle in your church the never failing gift of charity,

that, following your example of your servant Nicholas of Myra
and aided by his prayers,
we may have grace to deal in generosity and love with children
and all who are poor and distressed,
and to uphold the cause of those who have no help;
for the sake of him who gave his life for us,
your son our Savior Jesus Christ,
who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,
one God now and for ever. Amen.
From Domestic Church

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  1. Sweet image of all the sandals waiting for St Nicholas! Just like all of us waiting for Jesus to "fill us up" when he comes at Christmas! Thanks for sharing! Praying for all you lovely ladies there at the convent!

  2. Please pray for Nicolas Carmen Slidell LA who was murder by Clayton Maricle n Marty Andersen brutally slaughtered n dropped his body off at railroad..his family needs prayers Carmen n Calico families -Slidell LA..Nov. 30.


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